The One Thread Away Challenge
A $5, 28 Day Challenge where you get my winning client acquisition process that I created to help you get targeted leads to your agency offer.

(P.S Every dollar from the entry fee will be donated to help build a school for kids)


By end of the 30 days, you will have created an evergreen source of automated leads to your agency offer without ever having to send a cold email ever again.

What is the challenge?

I created a process to help you get clients from Twitter. Multiple friends that are agency owners have used it. One closed 3 deals this week, and another increased MRR by $120k in 2.5 months

I challenge you to stay consistent with twitter using my winning strategies and try closing 1 deal for your freelancing services/ marketing agency in the next 28 days.

Who is the challenge for?

If you want to build an evergreen traffic source that will consistently bring you in leads for your agency, then this is for you. 

How much does the challenge cost?


Yes, less than a drink at Starbucks. And every dime from the entry fee will be donated to an agreed upon charity.

Why are we charging? Because psychologically you will feel more inclined to stay consistent during the entire challenge.

Why are we donating the money? Because this entire contest is about education, so let’s donate the money to kids who want to get an education.

How does the Challenge work?

This $5 challenge lasts 30 days. You will get SOP’s and lessons that I give to the clients that pay me $4000.

You will leverage those resources to help you master Twitter.

I will also be answering your questions once a day inside of our telegram channel.

The challenge is broken down into 3 parts

1. Commitment - Commit to the challenge by joining below
2. Knowledge acquisition - Take the resources that you will get inside the telegram channel once you join. Complete all the resources in the first 5 days
3. Consistency - Begin writing your tweets with our winning structure

What do you get if you join the challenge?

Every resource I have ever given to the clients that pay me $4000 for only $5.

1. An hour and 20-minute video explaining twitter growth
2. A video on how to promote yourself on twitter using my strategy that made JK Molina $170,000 in 7 days
3. An SOP of winning Twitter threads and tweets
4. A structure of tweets you can follow for the next few months

If you stay consistent for the 30 days period, many of you will close a client from the app. On top of this you will leave the competition with a new source of traffic that you can continue using.

This can be the greatest $5 you ever invest.

When does the Challenge start?

The challenge is ongoing

The moment you join is the moment your 28 day period begins 

You will get immediate access to a Telegram channel with me.  All the challenges resources, details, and more will be inside

Sign Up For The Challenge Now for Only $5
One Thread Away Challenge Entry Fee Price
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Ecom Care Package $27.00

P.S Huge shoutout to Clickfunnels for the Challenge idea.

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